We are delighted to announce that on April 10th two 8-foot caliper live oaks and a 20-foot bald cypress were installed near the Turtle Creek Spillway.

The live oaks each weigh about 8,500 lbs. and took 12-14 years to grow to this height.

The bald cypress weighs 400 lbs. and took five years to grow. Because it is planted near Turtle Creek, it should begin to grow rapidly when its roots reach the water. This bald cypress replaces one of a trio of we had to remove earlier this year.

The new trees are a gift from Suzy and Bob Kriscunas. As neighbors of the Park, they are able to watch the trees grow from their balcony and enjoy their beauty on daily walks. The Conservancy is so thankful for their generosity.

Thanks also go to our Landscape Architect, John Armstrong of Armstrong Berger, for selecting such beautiful trees and to our friends at Dallas Park & Recreation for coordinating the irrigation with us. You’ll see water “bubblers” on the trees for the next 2-3 years to help them acclimate during the hot Texas summers.

Shawn Hoelzel of Tree Source, who grew and delivered the trees, also donated and planted 10 live oak saplings on the Creek’s east slope.

This summer look for another gift to the Park from Suzy and Bob – a park bench across from the Hibiscus Fountain.