Brandon Walker, Chair
Carey Barnes
Jamie Bloom
Michael Bobbitt
Margaret Chambers
Reanae Clark
Leigh Danley
Peter Dauterman
Beth Easton
Carlos Gonzalez
Lesli Gray
Yvette Grove
Theresa Hill
Larry Hysinger
Dr. Lauren Ives
Teffy Jacobs
Bob Kriscunas
Marshall Mills
Annette Ponce
Frank Reedy
August Reichenbach
Sonya Rose
Travis Sartain
Lauren Smyth
John Suvanto

Gary Webb


Amanda Ward
Membership & Development Director

Adrian Lovett, MPA
Office & Events Manager

Garrett James
Facilities & Landscape Manager

“Supporting the park is both a personal and professional obligation for me. As a Turtle Creek Realtor, the beauty and serenity of the park help make this area a desirable neighborhood in which to buy. I also live on the park, so it’s my front yard, my view and the place where I can connect with nature every single day. I hope my neighbors will read this and feel a sense of obligation as well.”
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Sue Krider
Allie Beth Allman & Associates, A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate