20 ACRES, 20 GOALS FOR 2020


You may not realize that the footprint of Turtle Creek Park is almost 20 acres. That’s right – 20  acres of rolling lawns, over 1,500 trees, a beautiful creek, and a home for flora and fauna in the midst of our busy city.

The Turtle Creek Conservancy cares for this Dallas treasure, and we want you to understand the goals we have for the park this year.


The park is alive and growing every minute of every day. It takes our neighbors and others who love the park for its beauty, history and future to conserve nature and this green space for our growing city and its citizens.

You can help with goal #20 right now by becoming a Park Supporter. Many levels are available, and there are even monthly options.   

 If you are interested in sponsoring a vintage light pole, park bench, trees or other signature project, please contact or call (214) 521-2003.